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#1 Владимир Б » Вс, 8 марта 2015, 15:43

Commercial researcher S.N.Lazarev in the autumn of 2012, decided to seize own website and forum. First of all, were closed giveaway video on the resource "Rutreker". On this occasion, [ the competent source ] in private order told me that S.N.Lazarev was guided by nothing other than business interests. He said: "My opinion is simple. The business".
Late 2012 - mid 2013 was a period of strengthening of the restrictive policy. There were requirements to excerpts published by independent peoples. The pressure on the members of the site and the forum, meanwhile, is also increased. Then, in late 2013 I have posted on the forum materials of the workshop in Prague. After this, in my address was followed by accusations.
The administration official forum hastened immediately to tighten the rules. By fulfilling the requirements of the owners of the online store, the administration banned the participants of the forum to publish excerpts of seminars or lectures before their appearance in the sale. S.N.Lazarev fully supported such a policy. "People should pay money...," so it was explained to me. Seminar in Germany, following Prague, was presented to the participant Elena J. on the forum. Followed by sanctions and delete her messages. Then I wrote openly about the fact that such a policy is the subservience of its commercial interests. After this S.N.Lazarev decided that I had no place on his website. Thus, my participation on the site was completed. Some time later, I published my existing facts, proving the commercial nature of S.N.Lazarev policies.

I'm ready to answer your questions.
Последний раз редактировалось Владимир Б Вт, 24 марта 2015, 16:58, всего редактировалось 1 раз.
Итак каждый из нас за себя даст отчет Богу. ( Рим. 14:12 ).
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Re: Commercial researcher S.N.Lazarev. Read more right now!

#21 Ашикирахо » Сб, 21 марта 2015, 15:33

да, есть. но является ли это литературным?

Re: Commercial researcher S.N.Lazarev. Read more right now!

#22 Ашикирахо » Ср, 25 марта 2015, 11:14

а. теперь поянл. но все равно не уверен что это можно сочетать именно в такой форме как у владимира.


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